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With the increasing desires of man in modern times, the ancient culture and behaviour patterns are losing their importance. However with the attraction Vastushastra is getting these days, it appears that man has come to know the importance of his ancient cultural values. The importance of Vastushastra has augmented in modern times. Vastushastra deals with all aspects of construction of a house, and its edicts are accurate. The complete wisdom of Vastushastra is based on scientific facts. It takes in view harmony with nature. It considers Sunrays, gravitational force, magnetic power, geographical condition, the five elements, and directions besides all other natural phenomena that may have a bearing upon a house. Vastushastra equally plays a significant role in commercial places, be it a trading house, hotel, commercial complex, cinemahall, factory, etc. In a residential building, the main purpose behind the application of principles of Vastushastra is to evade destructive forces of nature and to blend constructive forces to enable inmates of a building lead a happy, peaceful and prosperous life. If some defects have crept in construction of a house, because of ignorance or otherwise, they may be rectified with due prudence with the help of its principles. These remedies would certainly make life better. Vastu Shastra says that if the structure of house is so designed that the positive forces override the negative forces then there is a beneficial release of bioenergy, which helps live a happy and healthy life. A positive cosmic field prevails in a Vastulogically constructed house, where the atmosphere is congenial for a smooth and happy life. Contrary to this, if the same structure is built in a manner that the negative forces override the positive, the overbearing negative field makes actions, efforts and thoughts negative. Herein come the benefits of Vastu, which guides to have a positive atmosphere at home, office, industry or any structure.

  1. Vastu for Houses: Vastu helps convert the hidden cosmic energies into material benefits for the residents of the Vastu charged homes. It creates a positive energy field for those living there to ensure Physical, Material and Spiritual Wellbeing. “Vastu helps convert a house in to a home”.
  2. Vastu for Offices: Application of Vastu is of exceedingly importance for offices where proper flow of finance is required. Vastu helps in making the environment conducive to Growth with the help of balancing the five elements of nature namely, Water, Fire, Air, Space and Earth. Simple changes such as sitting arrangements of Staff, C.E.O, Proper placement of Safe, Use of proper color, and proper placement of water bodies (bathroom, Water Coolers etc.) go a long way in enhancing the business “Vastu helps the business run efficiently and makes it conducive to growth”.
  3. Vastu for Factories: All factories require huge investments and have multitasking activities taking place simultaneously namely, Raw material Purchasing, Manufacturing, Assembling, Packaging, Accounting, Transportation of Goods etc. and more importantly taking care of Human Resources (labor related issues) Proper Vastu helps in coordinating these activities thereby generating growth for the investors. Factory Designed as per Vastu help in getting in more investments and attracts more business. Vastu explains how to get the most of Factory by proper placement of machinery. Also continues and proper electricity is the essential, Vastu gives the proper placement of electrical structures. Vastu can be applied to Factories to improve the moral of the work force and avoid Labor problems, which has in return increased the productivity.
  4. Vastu for Real estate and Builders: Construction of Buildings require huge investments and have multi tasking activities taking place simultaneously namely, Land Acquisition, Raw material Purchasing, Architecture and Planning , Accounting, Liaising with Government Department, Selling of houses and shops etc. and more importantly taking care of Human Resources (labor related issues) Proper Vastu helps in coordinating these activities thereby generating growth for the investors. Buildings designed as per Vastu help in getting more investors and therefore sell faster. Simple techniques like proper placement of the main gate helps in a long way to generate positive energy thus leading to the building getting sold off quickly. Buildings which lay stagnant and do not sell fast, can be ‘energized’, Vastu can be used to sell those buildings fast. Vastu explains how to get the most profits out of building by channelizing positive energy with the help proper construction formulae as per Vastu.
The inanimate world, the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom, and then the human being are but progressive states of evolution of the one and the same element. The culture inherited by us aims at a healthy life which is defined by coherent and harmonic interaction of all these states. On its part, Vastushastra gives fruition to these ideas by using different entities like soil, stone, mortar, water, fire and direction to provide a harmonically balanced living environment for the human beings. On the face of it, blind faith and metaphysics seem to govern the practice of Vastushastra. Deep and serious thinking reveals that the logic and the reasoning of Vastushastra is not only remarkable but its symbolism with stands the scrutiny of modern science. Vastushastra can cover wider areas of life if efforts are made to understand its principles. It is the matter of time before the mystic science of Vastushastra is decoded and its all encompassing principles are found to reflect the insights of natural sciences. So, last but not the least, if any building or structure is constructed pertaining to the principles of Vastu, the people are sure to live a happy, peaceful and healthy life.
Golden Rules of Vastu Shastra for Construction
Vastu Shastra advocates following certain rules before and during construction. Observance of pre-construction rituals and cleansing of soil by Vastu pujan is necessary to get rid of any negative energy accumulated in the plot of land. As per Vastu Shastra any structural changes and demolition are considered a mutilation once construction is complete. It is therefore, important to follow construction norms at this stage. Structural changes are recommended only in exceptional cases. In certain cases add-on construction is recommended only in exceptional cases. In certain cases add-on construction is recommended to balance the construction. Compliance to the following rules of construction as per Vastu Shastra can help in reducing a lot of problems later on as well as help in a safe, efficient and speedy construction process, thereby saving both time and money.
  1. Prepare the site as per Vastu shastra before commencing construction. Clean the site of all inauspicious objects.
  2. Pits, depressions and wells located in inauspicious portion of the site should be filled up and land surface should be leveled. The construction will proceed at a faster speed in a plot cleansed and purged as per Vastu Shastra.
  3. Construction should begin after proper vastu pujan and offerings to the site deities are made.
  4. The first digging of land should be done either by the master of the house and / or the chief mason at an auspicious time set by a learned astrologer.
  5. Construction activity should not be started if any female member of the family is in her sixth or above month of pregnancy, or if any member is seriously ill.
  6. Digging of the soil for laying the foundation should be in the following order, north –east sector, then north west sector , then south east and then south west sector.
  7. Laying of the foundation should be in the reverse order, ie first south west sector then southeast then north west and lastly north west.
  8. A water source on the site should be dug as soon as the proper prayers are performed..A well bore well, underground water tank or pond or a swimming pool should preferably be place in the north of north east.
  9. Care should be taken to dig the well or tank in such a manner that energy lines do not cross the well or the water body.
  10. A water body or source should be in the east or north-east of the plot. Having a water body in the south-east or south of the house can cause damage to the child or wife of the owner. An underground water tank in the south west can be fatal to the head of the family.
  11. The trenches for the walls should be dug from north to south and east to west.
  12. All the four sides of a building should have a fencing wall..Best house are always situated inside a compound and not on the side of the road.
  13. Have the compound walls on the south and west higher and thicker than the north and east walls.
  14. The building material, bricks, stones, sand, etc should be placed in the south west of the plot. The steel reinforcement bars should be stored in the west. Sanitary pipes and fittings should be placed in the north-west corner of the plot.
  15. Every night lighting a bulb on the highest point of the construction, which should be south always will symbolically raise the energy, It can finish the construction in record time.
  16. Use new construction material for a fresh construction, second-hand building material like bricks, stone, iron and used wood (used door and window frames) should not be used in construction of a new house. Old/used material can be used while renovating the house.
  17. Demolition of old houses should start from north-east and demolished materials should be deposited only in south or west portion of the site,
  18. The North –east comer of the outer wall of the house or of a compound wall should not be rounded.
  19. Flooring of the house should be in such way that in facilitates flow of water from south-west to north-east.
  20. The septic tank should not be in the south-east north-east or south west corners of the plot. Fit for the septic tank should be in the north of North West or west of North West only.
  21. The main building should be constructed in the south-west of the plot leaving more open space in north and east. More open space in north or east gives name, fame and prosperity to the residents. Leaving more open space in south and west side of the house can affect the male members adversely, whereas in a factory, it leads to financial losses and disputes amongst partners.
  22. Depression in south west can result in serious illness to the residents, whereas depression in north-west causes enmity and litigation. The depression in south portion of the building restricts growth besides creating financial problems.
  23. South side of the building should always be higher than the north. This gives good health and prosperity to the residents. In case the north is higher than the south it results in ill health and losses.
  24. West portion of the building should be higher than the east for favourable growth children. A lower west leads to problems to and from children.
  25. South –west should be higher than north-east for all round prosperity and good health. A higher north east causes severe ill health and loss of prosperity for the owner.
  26. Religious places, palaces, conference halls, monuments and public places can have uniform height in all directions.
  27. The central portion or brahmasthan should not be depressed. Heavy objects, wells, lifts and toilets are totally prohibited in the brahmasthan.
  28. Ancient works on Vastu identify certain vulnerable points (marmasthan) in the site and any construction, wall columns, beams, doors, pegs and nails are prohibited on these sensitive points. Careful handling of marmasthans while constructing can avoid lot of problems later on.
  29. There should be no construction of outhouse, garage, portico, etc by taking the support of the compound wall or main building in north east south east or the North West directions.
  30. It is always better to build both the compound floor and the structure above the road level. The foundation for the compound floor should be least two feet above road level. The structure itself can be at least two feet above the ground level. This is to safeguard against any rise in road level over the years by frequent remetalling of the road.
  31. To let in sufficient air and light, at least 30 per cent of house walls should have doors and windows. More windows should be kept towards north and east side of the house.
  32. Balconies or terraces should be in north and east sides.
  33. Split levels are not recommended by ancient works on Vastu. Some modern scholars believe that to strengthen nairutya, the south west room should be higher.
  34. Under no circumstances the rooms in south west, south east or the centre be sunken or lower than the level in north east.

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