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General Contracting

A sequential design-bid-build process, typically delivered under a lump-sum or cost-reimbursable contract, is the traditional method of project delivery, especially for the private sector, where work is awarded to a construction company according to a competitive bidding system. Thejus Homes is a general contractor that can help realize your vision.

Vastu Consultancy

Thejus Homes consultancy wing provides several consultancies for designing new buildings based on Vastu vidya and giving guidance for the preservation and rectification of traditional buildings, including offices, factories, etc. And Vastu services for an existing building, like preparations of Vastu complaint layouts and non-destructive rectification of Vastu faults.

Design - Build

Clients select a design-build arrangement when they want to work with one contract entity instead of several contractors and consultants. As the design-builder, Thejus Homes provides comprehensive design and construction services through one point of contact. In addition, by bringing all project team members together in the design phase, the construction design-build approach helps foster a more successful partnership.

Construction Management

Under a Construction Management contract, the client secures the services of a construction manager to work with the design team and, depending on the client’s needs, with trade contractors and suppliers. This early collaboration in the construction management process promotes effective project coordination and communication, creating an environment for success. Thejus Homes is a flexible construction company that will operate under various contract types and fee structures (e.g., cost plus, guaranteed maximum price, percentage fee, and fixed fee) to meet the client’s needs.


Clients with large, complex industrial projects choose the Engineer-Procure-Construct (EPC) method when they require a single entity to deliver a project to turnkey status. Thejus Homes is a construction company that performs, manages, and coordinates all project engineering, procurement, module fabrication, and construction services in conjunction with an engineering firm. Thejus Homes builds a collaborative working relationship through all disciplines to realize a shared commitment to project goals.

Interior Design

We are a leading Interior Decoration and designing service provider as per the "Vastusastra" principle. Our team is experienced Interior architectural consultants. We are responsible for the outside and inside-out persona of a project we undertake to complete. First, we design the architectural layout of the place per Vastu measurement and then proceed to fill up the place with interiors that literally breathe life into the living or working space, as the case may be. Each building has a responsibility to its environment, natural and urban, as well as its occupants. This results in a particular design solution unique to each project.

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Technology And Innovation

Thejus Homes is a construction company always looking for simple ways to increase productivity and reduce costs. After over 12 years in the construction business, Thejus Homes has collected a lot of good cost-saving ideas and has remained on the leading edge of construction technologies.


Thejus Homes incorporates and develops the latest technologies into its construction methods and project delivery processes to find the best way to meet your specific project goals. Walk on to a Thejus Homes job site, and you’ll find employees using specialized hardware and software for collaboration and communication in many areas, including:

  • Estimating Systems
  • Electronic Plan Rooms and Kiosks
  • Mobility and Connectivity
  • Project Management System
  • Project Document Controls (PDC)
  • Safety Management Center (SMC)
  • Quantity Takeoff
Thejus homes is a well-established and renowned property developer in Kerala.
We specialize in building homes that align with the spiritual beliefs of our customers with Vasthu-compliant designs and creating a nurturing and peaceful ambience for you to fully indulge in.
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